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Join us for an hour of thought-provoking proposals on diverse and inclusive digital futures: October 7th, 6pm-7:15pm CET, online.

Imagine what would happen if all the propositions we make today were to be realized tomorrow? Which grievances would we center, which people and their realities would we focus on, and how sustainable and holistic would our solutions be then? What would be different?

You can sign up here via Zoom. 👈

For the closing event of The New New fellowship we have invited around of visionaries to share ideas, imaginations and interventions for better futures with us. During this event we will hear thought-provoking proposals, thinking along technical, political, artistic-cultural, environment and social lines. The speakers will have 3 minutes each to present their proposition. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Speakers and Line-up:

  • Camila Nobrega (Beyond the Green): Guts and grounds: from where our bodies thread
  • Andrew Mallinson and Cami Rincón (Syb): Queered Potential
  • Tayo Awosusi -Onutor (RomaniPhen): Knowledge archive: Keeping and producing knowledge — the feminist Romnja* Archive
  • Kyriaki Goni (Networks of Trust): Beyond speculation: How to make (digital) futures possible
  • Jac sm Kee (FeministInternet.net): Tending to wildness: field notes on movement infrastructure
  • Claudia Fratangeli (Chayn): The blurred lines of physical and digital: engaging with the complexities of tech-enabled abuse
  • Adriaan Odendaal & Karla Zavala Barreda (Algorithms of Late Capitalism): Inclusive game design: Lowering the barrier for participating in digital futures
  • Maria Martelli (Just Wondering …): The future is here, ongoing, and multispecies
  • Fieke Jansen (Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University): The bright future of shifting values
  • Hugo Pilate (Banlieue du Turfu): Odyssée turfuriste — Towards the golden age of the world’s banlieues




Building inclusive and just digital futures

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The New New

The New New

Building inclusive and just digital futures

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