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  • Eiliyas


    Today is the day I start a Medium page. https://www.instagram.com/mixtapemenage/ and coming soon mixtapemenage.com !

  • Sophie Dyer

    Sophie Dyer

  • Ousa ousa

    Ousa ousa

  • Alek Tarkowski

    Alek Tarkowski

    Head, Centrum Cyfrowe / Public Lead, Creative Commons Poland / Communia Association. Dealing with all things open, with a policy focus.

  • Somya Hastekar

    Somya Hastekar

    Designing at Microsoft. Drawer. Synthesist. Arch alum. Now making tech humane. Ex: ThoughtWorks. I write more often at https://somyahastekar.com/insights

  • Hugo Pilate

    Hugo Pilate

    Design researcher trying to make sense of the world we’ve built for ourselves. hugopilate.com

  • Kasia Gruszka

    Kasia Gruszka

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