Turfu is French slang for the future, and a banlieue is a French suburb. The aim of this project is to create speculative futures for the French banlieues that contradict the dominant narratives of pessimism and deprivation. Not only are these misconceptions misleading, they also stand in the way of the reinvention and revitalisation of these urban neighbourhoods. Interview with Makan Fofana and Hugo Pilate, by Ouassima Laabich-Mansour (Superrr Lab). To read the French version please scroll down!

Image credit: La Banlieue du Turfu

Superrr: How did the project start?

Makan: There is an official version to the start of the project, and an unofficial version…

We are excited to announce 12 fellowship projects that will explore what inclusive and just digital futures can look like. For the next six months, fellows from all across Europe will share insights into their work and communities and help us better understand what is needed for just digital futures.

The fellows’ combined strength resides in the diversity of their backgrounds and the distinctness of their perspectives. They hail from nine countries across Europe and belong to a multitude of different communities. Their projects range from reimagining cities to bringing rural communities together. They work alongside survivors of abuse, and…

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Building inclusive and just digital futures

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